9' x 7' LSWT move to Lola

This is part of the fan section being lifted out, with Les and Kathy inside.
Date not known, but probably Nov/Dec 1997.  

The tunnel was moved to Lola Cars, Huntingdon, Cambridge, and there was an opening ceremony held on 12 July 1999 to which we were invited:   Clive Bell, Les Green, Phil Bass and Cliff Elliott attended.   The guest of honour was John Surtees.

The tunnel had been quite extensively modified during rebuilding:  
  - new contraction, with ratio increased from 5:1 to 7:1
  - square working section
  - much shortened diffuser (which looked pretty awful, performance-wise)
  - cooler fitted
  - extra screens fitted
  - Aerotech overhead balance

The only item in the control room was a PC, standing on a desk!   The diagram below is their drawing of the new installation (which looks as if it has been crudely modified from the one Les drew, very many years ago, of the 'proper' 9x7).