September 1990

Joint leaving do for Paul Aitken (to join MIRA) and Dave Singleton (to University)

W175 office is on the right; the 18ft tunnel is behind the Yorkon cabin at the left.  
Thanks to Eric Greening for the photograph.

Added 08 Apr 04 - from Ken Rowland:  "From a document listing all staff and leaving dates I can confirm that the photo was taken on or about 28/09/90 (Paul Atkins' leaving date)."
Added 05 May 04:  Brian Rollo identifies 12 as Toby Westoby, corrects 17 to Roy Hall and confirms 17.  He also thinks 20 was an undergrad apprentice.
Added 22 Sep 09
- from Dave Singleton: "[this picture] is definitely my leaving do (which I guess is why I am stood in the middle).  I have the same picture since it was presented to me at the time, but it could have been a joint leaving, I am not sure.  The date of Sept 1990 is correct because that is when I left to go to university, so it could well have been a joint leaving."

01 Andy Cassie
02 Jack Kitching
03 Phil Bass
04 Mark Thompson
05 Bob Walker
06 Christine Watts
07 Colin Ayers
08 ?
09 Russ Whitaker

10 John Ryan
11 Nobby Hall
12 Toby Westoby
13 Terry Dunn
14 Paul Aitken (going to MIRA)
15 Tony Watson
16 Eric Greening
17 Roy Hall
18 Mick Stott
19 Steve Roe
20 (undergrad apprentice) ?
21 Mark Spore
22 Dave Singleton
23 Bob Stickland
24 Gary Shadbolt
25 Peter Fenton
26 Brian Rollo
27 Steve Leadbetter
28 Ian Jackson
29 Brian Eccles
30 Bob Tognarelli
31 John Siddall
32 Les Green
33 Bob White
34 Ken Rowland
35 Norman Stephenson
36 Dave Brooks

Can anyone identify any errors or omissions?

If it helps, on the back is a Photographic Department sticker - printed with tel 0772 633333 Ext 2277  and followed by REF: AW
Following the printed 'AW' is the handwritten ref  CW80198.