DFVLR Cologne, early 70s

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from Dave Adams
January 2006

Alan Matthews, Dave Adams and Roy Barker, from the time when they were sent out to work at DFVLR just outside Cologne in the early 1970's.

Dave says -
I recall we were there for 8 or 9 weeks over about a year, and we carried out some strenuous work, having to change model configurations sometimes up to TWICE a day!  Evenings and weekends (if we didn't go home to England) were a problem, having to live in one of the most expensive hotels in the city centre, and eat out at top class restaurants every day!  It all took its toll.  Fortunately the firm gave us LOTS of money for expenses, as they had no idea of the cost of living in Germany.  I think we must have been the first to work over there, and everything was unknown.

We had some really good times there, one of the best being a night out at the PLAYBOY club.  WOW!