near Lucerne, Switzerland

Nobby Hall, George Peel and I went to Emmen in August 1970 to carry out tests on MRCA Model 2 (1/7 scale) at very high angles of attack (up to rather more than 90 degrees).  We went out on the HS125, taking the customs-cleared model with us and I returned on my own after the first week or two.  Alan Darroch of Aero was also there, but he didn't travel with us.  Dieter Rother of MBB, a frequent visitor to our 9x7 LSWT, was also there at Emmen some of the time.

  by Lake Lucerne (George and Nobby)
  by Lake Lucerne (George, Nobby, Cliff)
  reservoir somewhere - on the dam (Nobby and George)
  on the dam (Nobby)
  inside a glacier (Nobby and George)   returning to Zurich airport on own (Cliff)  

Cliff Elliott      March 2009