1.2m High Speed Wind Tunnel 1991
30,000th run celebration - 17 November 1991

From the left
Richard Mawby*, Mark Thompson, Graham Lawson, Terry Dunn, Javed Iqbal, John Ryan, Andy Cassie, Dean Clayton, Russ Whitaker, Alan Clarke
Simon Cutbush, Harry White, Jack Kitching, Alan Betts, Ian McKay, Colin Ayres, Bob Walker, Tony Watson

Back Row
Simon Cutbush, Dean Clayton, Graham Lawson, Bob Walker, Ian McKay, Javed Iqbal, John Ryan.

Middle Row
Alan Clarke, Richard Mawby*, Andy Cassie, Colin Ayres, Alan Betts, Harry White.

Front Row
Terry Dunn, Mark Thompson, Jack Kitching, Tony Watson, Russ Whitaker

Pictures from Mark Thompson
Provided by Brian Rollo, Sep 2009

 *Javed Iqbal says:    I believe [this] is Richard Mawby, a graduate apprentice at the time.    Nov 2009