DEUCE at BAC Warton

Thanks to Peter Fenton who directed me to the web site
about the English Electric DEUCE computer.  There were four photos of the DEUCE at Warton in 1958 and 1962 on the site, so I wrote to the site owner John Barrett (who lives in Australia) to ask his permission to use these photographs and he replied as follows:
Thanks for your email.
You are very welcome to use any of the photos from my website.
You might also like to add the link to the Warton staff section of my people page:
If anyone from those days can add names or info about staff members that would be great.
As you may have noticed in my "about the author" I was involved in wind tunnel instrumentation back in the dark ages before computers had been invented.
Cheers from Sunny Sydney - John [Barrett]

21 March 2010

In the about the author section of his website referred to above, John says that in 1953 he was working in Maths Services at RAE, Farnborough, initially constructing and testing equipment which was digitising data from the supersonic wind tunnel instrumentation at both Farnborough and Bedford.

Here are some of the names mentioned in the BAC WARTON section of the site.  How many do you remember?

  • John Halliday
  • Bill Coulshed
  • Steve Allcock
  • Tom Duerden
  • John McDonnell
  • Dave Booker
  • Ian Taig
  • Bill Moxham
  • Michael Caine
  • Mary Jones
  • John MacFarlane
  • Ron Green (but not his colleagues Steve Brown and Joan Pickup)
  • Barry (Bas) Drummond
  • Peter Leakey
  • Oliver Whitaker
  • Philip Brightling
  • Dave Copson
  • Bill Coles
Below are the four photographs of DEUCE at Warton, from the site. 

BAC Warton 1958:  Barbara Salisbury operating the 32 Column Deuce. Observant Deuce users may notice some subtle additions.
( English Electric photograph, reproduced with permission - Steve Allcock).
BAC Warton 1962:  "Brian Petrie and Michael Caine.  Brian is facing the camera, and all you see of Michael is the back of his head".
Photo by Michael Caine.  
Thanks to Michael for these 3 photos from his personal collection.
BAC Warton 1962
"View of the DEUCE room with Michael Caine at the console, the engineer Al Beeden wearing spectacles and Brian Petrie preparing the next job to be run on the DEUCE".
Photo by Michael Caine.
BAC Warton 1962:  "Brian Petrie alone at the console".
Photo by Michael Caine.