British Pathé Newsreel from 1960

4ft High Speed Wind Tunnel

TWO NEW WIND TUNNELS is the name of a video newsreel produced in 1960 by British Pathé.


Above is a still from the film, which runs for 3 minutes and 20 seconds and has no sound.

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(remember to click the full screen icon, to the right of the timer under the picture)

If you can name anyone in the film please email.  The written commentary alongside the film clip on the Pathe web site shouldn't be relied on for accuracy - for example, CU man removing huge steel door so allowing access to the tunnel is actually the cover being taken off the Schlieren mirror.  Note: CU = close up, MS = medium shot.

Thanks to Roy Wadsley and Steve Roe for this information.

Added later:

Steve has subsequently sent me a further short film (3:50) about the 4ft tunnel when new, issued in 1960.  Peter Midgeley is mentioned in the accompanying text but there are quite a few people shown in the film who might be identifiable if anyone has a long enough memory.  Do let me know!

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January 2011