from Dennis Leyland, March 2013

I had a look through my files this morning and thought the attached historic photos could be of interest.  They would be taken in about 1954.  I'll keep an eye out in Heritage for anything else of interest.

Dennis Leyland, March 2013

I am apparently rather surprised sitting in front of our 'high-tech' instrumentation; the photo was probably taken with the F24 camera we used for recording instrument readings.

I, Gordon Bleasdale and Bill Wardle (plus ??) are with the van which was for the exclusive use of Wind Tunnel Dept.  We were the only people working on the south side in those days.

This photo, in front of the 18in jet tunnel working section, shows Gordon Bleasdale (Senior Engineer responsible for 12in and 18in high speed tunnels), Frank Roe (Head of Dept) and myself (responsible to Gordon).