Dave Clarke

I am really sorry to have to let you know that David Clarke passed away on Friday, 21 September 2018.  Chris Harding is in touch with Max, his son.  David was diagnosed with dementia quite a few years ago; he was living in Frodsham, nearer his family, and had been cared for by Marlene his partner, Max his son and family.

I think I first met David when I was in the 18ft low speed tunnel as an apprentice, with Tony Watson, in about 1966.  When I settled in Aerodynamics Department I was a frequent visitor to the 4ft high speed tunnel office to see George Benson and Chris Davenport.  Then David came over to Aerodynamics Office to work on Stability and Control.

After many years on Tornado, we later worked closely together on Typhoon.  Even later, David joined me in Customer Support and went off to France to try and tell the French how to do it.  David was a great work colleague; I really enjoyed working with him.  He was always very patient with me - a dim Propulsion Engineer, trying to get my head round Cn Betas and such stuff.  I remember him in Motor Club days - he was very proud of his Renault Floride restoration and displaying it at the Renault factory.  He loved real music and, in later years, David and I met up quite regularly at Liverpool Phil in Preston with his partner Marlene.

Mike Briers - September 2018 


You can read David's own account of his life and times on the Personal Page he submitted to this web site in 2002 and subsequently updated in 2012.