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  Introduction to The Windtunnelonians and this Web Site
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Why w823.co.uk?

  The History of the Wind Tunnel Web Site
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Warton Site Developments

  from Peter Fenton, June 2007
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  Sir Robert of Ronkonkoma (Peter Knott)
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  All the papers published as a result of the 2005 Pensions Crisis
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Obituary: Alec Atkin

  Obituary to the Lightning man, who died in July 2009 aged 84
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Norman Fragle honoured

  Fragle's cafe at Blackpool Vic, named in honour of Norman.
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Concorde with Probus

  Joint Probus/Windtunnelonians visit to Manchester in April 09 - pictures on the St Annes Probus website
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Obituary: Tom Smith

  Obituary to MUSTARD engineer Tom Smith, from the Daily Telegraph 1 Nov 2012
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Obituary: Frank Roe

  Obituary to Frank Roe, head of EE Wind Tunnel dept in 1950, who died on 31 March 2014 aged 89

Wind Tunnel v The Computer ?

  A spoof article from the late seventies