Sir Robert of Ronkonkoma (Bob Krepski)

Peter Knott writes to say -


I have just learned that Bob died last year from liver failure.  I send him a Christmas card every year and have just had one back from his brother Richard in Pittsburgh to tell me the news.  I will write to him on behalf of all the W/T folk who may remember him. There may not be many apart from JWP and me.

Bob was from Grumman and worked with us in the VSTOL tunnel on a few occasions in the 70's doing some VSTOL project testing as part of an exchange with Grumman for CFC know-how.  He was fascinated by the British Establishment, Knights and all that.  He lived in Ronkonkoma on Long Island, so we christened him Sir Robert of Ronkonkoma.  I 'looked after' him during his visits and was similarly treated when visiting Grumman on Long Island.

Nice story, eh?



PK 20 Dec 2006