Brian Probert

I am really really sorry to tell you that our dear friend Brian Probert passed away today (11 March).  Brian had been struggling with Dementia for some years but really had taken a very bad turn recently. He passed away in The Home with his family around him, only 75.

You guys will all remember Brian in his prime.  In Aerodynamics he was our key Wing Designer and team leader over the bridge.  We have known Brian since the 70ís and our time in Tuxford Road, my Sarah and Euan his youngest used to charge around the street together

In the office nothing seemed to fluster Brian, always happy to help, but his technical skills were awesome.  I would say he had a hand or led the design of every wing in BAC/BAE or whatever since Jaguar.  In the early days of Typhoon we were doing a wing a week, from his head straight to the Wind Tunnel model shop then into the 4ft Tunnel. Don Horsfield was pushing Brian but he still didnít get flustered; he just got on with it.

I tell his three boys what a Mega Brain he had.

Mike Briers - 11 March 2020