Frank Lester

Frank Lester was a Designer in the Wind Tunnel Design Office when I was there in the 70ís. I just wanted to inform you that he passed away last Sunday, 19th April.  Sadly, both he and his wife died the same weekend in The Manse care home in Kirkham, Frank on the Sunday and Mary the day after, Monday.

Frank had looked after his wife for many years previously.  She was in a wheel chair most of her life and in later years, bed ridden.  Both their children died young, so it has been difficult getting any information, but after contact with the Care Home and with the help of Frankís neighbour, it appears that the double funeral is set for 2:30pm on Thursday, April 30th at St Paulís church in Warton.

Because of the Coronavirus problem, attendance is limited to 11 people only, and I think I got the last slot.  It will be attended, I think, basically by close neighbours and officials, and under these circumstances I could not even get a photo from any relatives.  All is in the hands of a solicitor.

John Bergus - 23 April 2020