Brief Encounter
A tale by 
Les Green  from not so long ago

In July 2010 I had been on holiday with Christine to the Pyrenees in the south of France to see the Tour de France bike race.  Whilst there we had been walking in the high mountains, and I had been cycling up some of the famous Pyrenean mountain passes (yes, I still ride my bike!).  On the return drive home on the autoroute near Rouen we were feeling a bit peckish and decided to stop for a sandwich.

The service area was very busy but we spotted a couple of adjacent empty spaces in the car park.  In we drove, got out the car, and set off for the café.  Just as we set off a car had parked next to us. I heard a ‘Hello Les’.  As you would, I ignored the greeting thinking it was addressed to someone else.  Again the voice said ’Hello Les’.

I turned around and to my surprise was confronted by Dave Winstanley, ex Wind Tunnel Model Shop!  He was just returning from a five month stay in the Algarve playing golf three or four times a week.  We chatted for a short while, shopped together, and then went off on our own separate ways once again.

Truly a ‘small world' moment.

My only regret is that I didn’t take a photo of the two of us to accompany this brief story.


Les Green  29 July 2010