Harry Parkinson

Letter to Mike Wade, January 2004


From: Harry Parkinson
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 2:01 PM
To: 'mikewade@gateway.net'
Subject: Warton Windtunnelonians.

Hello Mike,

I received an e-mail from my wife's brother-in-law Norman Smith who lives in St. Anne's, giving me the Warton Wind Tunnel web site and your e-mail address. After visiting the site I was full of nostalgia especially after viewing the past and reunion photos. My first reaction was shock, seeing guys I haven't seen for 35 years, I guess I expected everyone to look as I remembered them and not older, it's like a time warp.

I was at the tunnels for only 8 years 1960 to 68, but I can honestly say I have happiest memories of my career during those 8 years, I also met my wife Ann at the tunnel, she was Keith's secretary. Then after the cancellation of the TSR2 program I decided to join Boeing in the states along with several other Warton Windtunnelonians, Ken Hall, Bert Riley, Ray Wright, John Magee, Ronnie McMahon, Frank Atkinson and Johnny Dean. We all ended up working in the Boeing VSTOL tunnel in Philadelphia, turning our skills from fixed wing to rotary wing aerodynamics.

I Stayed 16 years with Boeing ending up as head of model design and deputy wind tunnel manager leaving in 83 to start my own company, Advanced Technologies Incorporated (ATI) supplying wind tunnel models and research hardware to the aerospace mainframe industry's and government agencies such as NASA. You can visit our web site at http://advancedtechnologiesinc.com We have done quite a lot of work in Europe and are currently producing the JSF full-scale fore-body ejection test sled article for British Aerospace.

I will pass on the tunnel website to the ex-Brit's or US. Chapter. I am still in touch with everybody; I guess you know through Nobby Hall that Bert Riley passed away last year, he was the best designer I have known and a very, very old friend.

I visit the UK often and will try to be around Warton during one of your reunions, also I have some photos I can contribute to the web site I will send them to your e-mail.

Mike, it was great to talk to you and visit the site, thanks a lot and tell Jack Kitching I immediately recognized him, even with the beard.

Best Regards.