The Water Tunnel
by Norman Harris

We had a Water Tunnel which used to reside inside the circuit of the 9x7 wind tunnel.  Les Green did a lot of work on it to get it back to working order as it had lain disused for many years.  One of the problems was when it was filled with water and started, it was evident it had lots of 'bits' of slimy stuff which were being picked up and circulated.  Despite many attempts to clean it out, it was decided what was needed was some sort of anti-bacterial agent to control the growths in the water.  The job of procuring such an agent was given to an apprentice.  He made several phone calls without success.  The next phone call was, apparently, on a bad line as he was talking quite loudly so everyone in the office was listening.  The conversation went something like: " We've a problem in our water tunnel, we're getting lots and lots of orgasms...."  At this point the office erupted and Kathy almost fell off her chair!  Never did find out what the person on the other end of the phone thought.