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Kathy Green (9*7, 4.0m), Christine Watts (9*7, 4.0m)

Eric Greening (W175), Derek Beaton (W175 DO)

Eric Massey (W175 DO), Dave Womersley (18ft)

Brian Eccles (W175 DO)

Keith Rhead (W175 DO), Bill Winslow (W175 DO)

John Ryan (4ft), Elaine Townsend (W175)

Brian Rollo (18ft), Clive Bell (9*7, 4.0m)

Brian Rollo (18ft), Clive Bell (9*7, 4.0m)

George Willan (W175 Metal), Geoff Nelson (W175 Metal), Bob Watson (W175 Metal)

Christine Watts (9*7, 4.0m), Phil Bass (4.0m)

Gordon Bleasdale (12in, 18in), Chris Whyam (W175)

Barbara Jeffs (W175), Dave Clarke (4ft)

Dennis Leyland (9*7, Aero)

John Houghton (9*7), Norman Harris (9*7)

Nobby Hall (12in, 18in, 9*7)

John Ryan (4ft), Elaine Townsend (W175)

Russ Whitaker (4ft) & Andrea

Jack Kitching (4ft)

Clive Bell (9*7, 4.0m), Clive Russell (LS tunnels)

Derek Beaton (W175 DO), Norman Fragle (W175 Metal)

George Willan (W175 Metal), George Hedley (W175 Metal), Derek Beaton (W175 DO), Bob Watson (W175 Metal)

Pete Howell (W175 Metal), Geoff Nelson (W175 Metal)

Brian Eccles (W175 DO), Brian Rollo (18ft)

Brian Eccles (W175 DO), Brian Rollo (18ft)

Christine Watts (9*7, 4.0m), Nobby Hall (12in, 18in, 9*7)

Keith Emslie (W175 HoD)

Bob Jackson (18ft)

Tony Watson (18in, 4ft), John Houghton (9*7)

Bob Jackson (18ft), George Hedley (W175 Metal)

Bill Smith (W175 Metal), Roy Barker (W175 Metal, Bal Cal Lab)

John Houghton (9*7), Kathy Green (9*7, 4.0m)

Kathy Green (9*7, 4.0m)

Chris Whyam (W175)

Dave Womersley (18ft), Dave Clarke (4ft)

Mike Wade (18ft)

Roy Barker (W175 Metal, Bal Cal Lab), Bill Smith (W175 Metal)

Nobby Hall (12in, 18in, 9*7), Brian Eccles (W175 DO), Jack Kitching (4ft)

Cliff Elliott (9*7, 4.0m)
You don't get a picture of the man behind the camera, so you can see his car instead!
(it belongs to my middle son, Mark, and we drove it up from London on the first of March to be kept for a while at our house in Preston)