The tenth Windtunnelonians reunion was held at the Kingfisher on Tuesday 5th October 2004, starting at 12 noon.

The turnout wasn't the best ever, but 36 people turned up and the last ones left around 3pm.

If you've never been, you'd be very welcome.  Most people have their lunch there - there's the usual Brewer's Fayre reasonably priced menu, affordable even to BAE pensioners.

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Mike Wade
Dave Womersley

Kathy Green
Christine Watts

Clive Russell
Javed Iqbal

Les Green
Nobby Hall

John Houghton (JH2)
Les Green
Nobby Hall (JH1)

Ian Simpson

Peter Knott
Christine Watts

Dennis Leyland
Gordon Bleasdale

Dennis Leyland
Gordon Bleasdale

Russ Whitaker
Dave Clarke

George Willan
Bob Watson
Pete Howell
Brian Eccles

Bob Nixon
Clive Bell
John Ryan
Graham Johnson

Graham Johnson
Bob Nixon


Geoff Nelson
Kevin Dunn
Jim Bibby

John Porter
Alan Matthews


Bill Smith
Alan Owen
Derek Beaton  

John Hargreaves
Pete Bennett
Brian Rollo
Norman Fragle 


05 October 2004