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Pete Bennett
Nobby Hall

Jack Kitching
Brian Eccles

Dave Womersley
Derek Beaton

John Hargreaves
Alan Matthews

Dennis Leyland
Russ Whitaker
Eric Greening
Alan Owen

Jack Rigley
George Willan
Ken Rowland
Mike Wade

Peter Knott
Jim Sheldon

Bob Watson
Graham Cornes
Mrs Christine Cornes

Graham Cornes
Christine ("Floss")

Clive Russell
Les Green
(Christine Watts)
Clive Bell

Nick Hamilton
Christine Watts
Graham Lawson

Kathy Green
Clive Russell

Clive Russell
Peter Knott

Kathy Green
Cliff Elliott

sorry if you were there and you aren't included in these pictures, but several didn't come out very well!

20 March 2005