Fourteenth Windtunnelonians

Held on Tuesday 3rd October 2006 at 12:00 noon, at the Kingfisher in St Georges Park, Kirkham.


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John Parker *
Dave Clarke

Clive Bell
Les Green

Norman Harris
Dave Womersley

Jim Bibby
Kevin Dunn
Geoff Nelson
Bob Watson
Jack Kitching
George Willan
Pete Howell
*  Dave Clarke says that as well as working in the GW tunnel, John Parker was also a keen member of the Lightning Motorsport Club.

Jack Rigley
Ken Rowland
Jim Scott
Joe Smith
John Hargreaves
Alan Matthews
Russ Whitaker
Graham Lawson
Kathy Green
John Houghton

Cliff Elliott
Kathy Green
Mike Briers
Christine Watts
Pete (Wiggy) Bennett
Nobby Hall
Gordon Bleasdale
Tony Watson
Clive Russell
Dennis Leyland

Alan Owen
Brian Eccles
Kathy's Bus Pass Phil Bass (in Spain, earlier
 in the week, by phone)

6 October 2006