We had a good turnout - there were at least 36 there and quite possibly a few more that I missed.

Apologies were received from:

  • Norman Harris

  • Alan Matthews

  • Dave Ashcroft

  • Phil Bass

  • Dennis Leyland

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Norman Fragle
Clive Bell
Geoff Nelson
John Bergus
Jack Kitching
Jack Rigley
Keith Rhead

Bob Watson
George Willan
Graham Johnson
Pete Howell
Ken Rowland

Brian Eccles
Elaine Townsend
Alan Owen
Garry Shadbolt
Bob Tognarelli
Jack Rigley

Graham Lawson
John Ryan
John Hargreaves
Peter Knott

John Houghton
Christine Watts
Bill Smith
Nobby Hall
Nobby Hall
Tony Watson
Gordon Bleasdale
Keith Emslie

Dave Womersley
Derek Beaton
Mike Wade
Brian Eccles
Joe Smith
Les Green
Clive Russell
Cliff Elliott
Kathy Green


10 October 2007