Picture above: Debenham's Wind Tunnel (really!) - see note at the bottom of this page (below the pictures)

Not so many this time - only 28 of us (it seemed like a lot more from the noise) but we were pleased to welcome Peter and Jennifer Liddell (Jennifer used to be mathematical assistant to Paul Ward), Margery Owen (who was Ron Dixon's secretary), Alison Wake and Tony Sharpe.  Many familiar names were missing this time, but some sent their apologies for being away.  Nevertheless, from the comments I heard, nearly everyone thought it was a really good get-together, as usual.

The staff were very helpful and set out our reserved room for us ready for lunch but the food and beers, yet again, were disappointing.  As I remarked last time, there's not much enthusiasm for moving to a different venue since we've had it there for the last sixteen years and many members aren't contactable by email to let them know of any change.  But it's who's there that counts, so we can put up with everything else.

Please make sure you notify any changes to your email address, and if you come across anyone we've lost touch with here, then do get them to send in their contact details.

Windtunnelonians 33 is on Tuesday 1 March 2016 - just five months away.  Hope you can be there!

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7 October 2015

Debenham's Wind Tunnel:

Customers will be able to “wind-test” an outfit before they buy it in the retailers’ own temporary wind-tunnel, which will be available at the Oxford Street store over the May bank holiday weekend.

Special industrial fans, which can be adjusted to mimic a gentle breeze or a full-blown gale, will be set up in an area of the store where customers can try on different outfits and hats to see which garments have the necessary wind-resistance they need.

Personal stylists will also be on hand to advise on the garments best designed to beat a breeze.  From the right head-gear, to skirts and dresses, and even footwear.